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LAST NIGHT I was just INNOCENTLY sitting in my house, peeing all over the place! It HURT!!! So I was CRYING!!! And then MOMMY came in and heard me and saw the blood and TOOK ME TO THE EMERGENCY VET!!! Vets are PERVERTS who like to CUDDLE me where I DON'T like to be CUDDLED!!! Which is EVERYWHERE!!! Anyway, this PERVERT decided to MALICIOUSLY CUDDLE ME and then took PERVERTED PORNO X-RAYS of me!!! I told her JUST WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT HER and it WASN'T TOO NICE!!! And then she gave me SHOTS!!!! I HATE HER!!!

Then TODAY Mommy noticed me peeing blood AGAIN so now she's trying to shove CRITICAL CARE down my throat and that stupid einstein_pig is CRYING because HE WANTS IT!!! I HATE EVERYTHING!!!

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Deleted comment

You dumb bitch you've got it so easy! I've gotta piss blood for five days a month for my whole friggin life, and you do it a few times and boo hoo boo hoo life is so hard. you damn dumb pig.
If I'M so dumb, how come I got spayed and YOU'RE too stupid to do so?!?!?

I could have a TUMOR in my BLADDER!!! BITCH!!!
Dear Naive Cuddles,
Some of us are not as lucky as you, and do not have access to adequate healthcare!!!!! You spoiled bitch!!!
poor Cuddles, i hope you feel better.