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Don't touch me!

Especially not on the butt!

I got this journal because my husband's other wife, suzi_queue, was spreading LIES about me in HER journal! I am not fat, old, stupid OR whiny! And she doesn't intimidate me at all! In fact, I intimidate HER! YES!!!
aberrant behavior, apples, attention, avoiding activity, begging for attention, being dramatic, being spoiled, big beautiful sows, bitching, biting, biting mommy, biting suzi, bugging out my eyes, bullying other pigs, butt fudge, cardboard boxes, chasing suzi, complaining, creating drama, drama, drama drama, dramatics, eating, eating butt fudge, eating duct tape, eating my butt fudge, eating my poops, eating suzi's tomatoes, eating tomatoes, grumbling, grunting, hating suzi, hay, hay drama, histrionics, jiggling, kale, licking mommy, licking mommy's hand, lj drama, melodrama, metacam, my hay, my hay!, not being called fat, not being cuddled, not being hit on, not being horny, not being hugged, not being humped, not being hydrated, not being maliciously cuddled, not being needled, not being smooched, not being snuggled, not crying when peeing, not crying when pooping, not getting antibiotics, not having bladder sludge, not having sex, not seeing the vet, not watching movies, not watching voldemort movies, not your hay!, painkillers, paper bags, peeing, peeing in hay, peeing in my hay, peeing on kitchen floors, people-who-leave-my-butt-alone, pet journal drama, pooping, puddles, running around with tomatoes, running away from suzi, sassing jackie, scaring suzi, screaming, screaming at suzi, sitting on my ass, sleeping, sleeping in hay, sleeping in my hay, stealing hay, stealing suzi's hay, stealing suzi's tomatoes, stealing the largest hideyhouse, stealing tomatoes, stealing vegetables, taste-testing my poops, tearing out suzi's hair, telling everyone my opinions, tomatoes, waddling, wheezing, whining, whining plaintively